Tuesday 1 October 2013
Safety / Level Crossings

Awareness Campaign in Marseille, France

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On Sunday 29 September an RFF awareness campaign on level crossing safety took place in the City of Marseille, declared European Capital of Culture for 2013, more precisely in Parc Borély along the sea where families usually go for a walk or where adults go to jog.

Today RFF, together with different partners (Red Cross, the City of Marseille, the local media (La Provence…) joined their efforts with the organisers of “Vélo Tour” (usually held every year at the end of September) to make the event a success. Despite a short period of thunder and rain over Marseille, 6800 cyclists registered that morning and started their tour from the main RFF attractions set up in the park and continued cycling throughout the city. Each of the registered cyclists – mainly families and friends – received a bag containing RFF safety flyers, a questionnaire to be filled in on internet, goodies and water…

These cyclists and other visitors to the park also had the opportunity to go to a tent to answer the questionnaire on level crossing safety shown on a TV screen using remote controls to win a tablet. Actors performed a small show on the theme “cycling and using a level crossing” in front of the tents. Walkers could also be driven around the park on a “bicycle-taxi” by young students. These bicycles were covered with RFF campaign stickers.

Finally, visitors could also embark upon a small city tourist train cross the park. This train was also advertising on the RFF campaign. For information, as RFF is a partner of ILCAD, the ILCAD logo was present on all RFF communication tools. See photos of the event.

Finally, on the occasion of the European Mobility Day, RFF also organised, together with the City of Toulouse, special events in the city centre to make the public aware of level crossing safety, offering children the chance to draw, which was received with great success, a driving circuit to recognise road signs and signals was open to teenagers riding segways (see video and photos).

For further information please visit http://www.securite-passageaniveau.fr/
Or www.ilcad.org

For further information please contact Isabelle Fonverne: fonverne@uic.org

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