Tuesday 8 October 2013
European Railways

UIC European Management Committee (Zagreb, 26 September)

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The UIC European Management Committee met in Zagreb on 26 September at the kind invitation of the three Croatian CEOs: Mr Pericic (HZ-Infrastruktura), Mr Leskovic (HZ Cargo) and Mr Ratkovic (HZ-Passenger). This was also the occasion to celebrate the entry of Croatia as the 28th member of the European Union.

The meeting, which was chaired by Mr Dancoisne of SNCF on behalf of Mr Pepy:

  • Took note of the candidacies put forward for the election of the members of the EMC for the year 2014-2015, the final composition will be ratified at the 11 December Regional Assembly.
  • Endorsed the drafting of the Rail Strategy for Europe (RTSE) which is the technical pillar to the recently published rail vision document “Challenge 2050”. This strategy, based on a number of business priorities submitted by the European members, will determine the technical priorities of the sector for the years to come. It will also help to influence the future European rail research programme known as Horizon 2020 and future innovation undertaken within the UIC work programme.
  • Endorsed a collegiate approach of companies in the Shift²Rail initiative under the aegis of UIC.
  • Took note of the progress with the development of the 2014 work programme emerging from the current opt-in process.
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