Monday 25 November 2013

Research at UIC ultimately targeted at future generations

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Transmission is one of the main vocations of any association. UIC since its founding in 1922 has constantly endeavoured to share and transmit both the knowledge acquired by its members across the world as well as the core values of the railways through their collective association.

These values include team spirit and creativity, which over the decades have helped to shape progress in technology and railway operations. These technologies and operations which meet a growing need in the area of mobility are becoming increasingly complex and the spirit of innovation will become increasingly necessary to make them safer and optimise their performance.

UIC Innovation Awards

With a view to instilling this spirit in future generations, UIC has developed a number of partnerships with universities across the world, and has launched several awards, including the UIC Innovation Award within its group, the IRRB. This spirit, which must carry rail and every other mode of transport through to the 21st century, is illustrated by the key themes of our competition and the video clip upon which it is based.

Video promoting the UIC Innovation Awards:

The first edition of this event was held in Paris in December 2012 on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the founding of UIC.
It is on the occasion of another major event for the global rail research community, the World Congress on Rail Research, that UIC is launching the second edition of its UIC Innovation Awards 2014.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, says:

On the occasion of the World Congress on Railway Research which will be held in Sydney, a meeting of the Board of the International Rail Research Group from UIC will also be held. During these events dedicated to innovation in the rail sector, UIC will be very happy to launch the second edition of its special 2014 Awards. This edition will have a broader scope than the first edition of 2012, with in particular a special invitation extended to young talents and researchers to contribute as well as specific prizes to be presented in December next year. UIC is making every effort to foster innovation through various projects with a range of partners and these awards show proof of this through the stimulation of creativity. A specific award clip has been designed in this context to highlight the spirit of innovation which is present and can be improved through our rail community around the world for new ideas in all areas.

A new award dedicated to High Speed will be launched in 2015 in Tokyo on the occasion of the World Congress on High Speed Rail, UIC HIGHSPEED 2015.

TALENT, a UIC initiative

The initiative for the TALENT project, designed for more open and transverse areas rather than technical ones, will also be launched shortly.

UIC believes that it has an important role to play by engaging an active dialogue and support across the rail sector, attracting talented staff to have a career in the railways. The UIC “TALENT” project deals with the need of the rail sector to better attract and retain the best talents in the job market.

At the core of the project is the development of a powerful international network of railway talents aiming to prepare a new generation of railway managers/experts working on domestic and international challenges, with a deep understanding of business approaches, multi-language skills, well known and recognised by the international railway community. With the establishment of this network, UIC wishes to create a strong & sustainable foundation for international cooperation amongst railway talents, by establishing a powerful international management/expert development programme.

The UIC Portal dedicated to Research: RAILWAY RESEARCH.ORG

Launched by UIC in 2012, this portal is dedicated to all research activities carried out by UIC and IRRB members around the world as well as to all stakeholders involved in rail research and innovation.

This portal provides information about rail research events, news about developments in R&D as well as information on special events such as the Transport Research Arena (TRA), World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR) ... etc.

More information:

The free interactive web tool to help drive innovation: SPARK

Since 2012, UIC and the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) have worked together in partnership to develop and deliver a knowledge platform for the benefit of the members of UIC, RSSB and its members, and the global railway community.
SPARK is a free, interactive web tool for the rail sector to share and find key information and help drive innovation. SPARK users create a community of professionals working together to reduce duplication, speed up innovation and maximise value.


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UIC Innovation Awards 2012 in Paris