Information published on 17 December 2013 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 379.

Beijing’s University of Transport becomes a member of UIC on 12 December 2013

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After several preceding contacts and a previous visit to UIC HQ in September 2013, on 12 December Beijing’s Jiaotong Technical University (BJTU) became an affiliate member of UIC and at the same time signed a cooperation agreement with UIC HQ, in order to develop the action plan for the foreseeable future.

Beijing’s University of Transport (BJTU) was represented by Prof CAI Baigen, Director of the Division of Science and Technology and Prof XU Yugong, Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange. On the part of UIC HQ, the agreement was signed by Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of UIC.

BJTU is one of the most important National Universities dedicated to railways in China. It is among China’s top universities and has been selected to participate in China’s national campaigns to build high quality and influential institutes of education and has its own research laboratories.

BJTU has been accepted as the first batch of universities into the 2011 Project to establish the Collaborative Innovation Centre for Rail Transit Safety. The National Research Centre of Rail Transit Safety Assessment and National Research Centre of Rail Transit Training and Certification have also been established at BJTU.
BJTU consists of many schools and departments, such as the School of Traffic and Transportation, School of Civil Engineering, School of Mechanical, Electronic and Control Engineering, School of Computer and Information Technology…

BJTU also comprises several laboratories: Centre of Electric Traction, Centre for Rail Transport Operational Control System, Laboratory of High-Speed Railway System Experiment, Structure Strength Test Laboratory, Civil Engineering Test Laboratory, Centre of Tunnel and Underground Engineering, Laboratory of Modern Information and Network Technology, Laboratory of Track Engineering, etc.

The parties agreed on a common programme of work which was discussed the day after, on 13 December 2013, which contains exchange of personnel for training sessions, hosting students for internships, exchanges in the area of research in training methodologies and safety assessment, cooperation with regard to the Training and Certification Research Centre and cooperation on safety.