Monday 23 December 2013

End of year message from UIC Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux

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The end of December is always a time when you look back on the various accomplishments of the year as it draws to a close. 2013 has been very busy for UIC with the development of our actions worldwide, with many projects, conferences, workshops and meetings; with our continuous efforts to develop the image of our railway sector; the confidence of our members; the friendship and team spirit between our members and our teams at UIC headquarters.

2013 has also been a very busy year with regard to our efforts to position UIC in the upcoming challenges of the future, in particular with close and active involvement in the Shift2Rail initiative, in the new Horizon 2020 for European rail development; also with the various United Nations bodies to place rail modes in a better recognised position – politically, socially and economically.

This guidance and our continued activities will be our objectives for 2014. We will greatly endeavour to work to serve our members for the benefit of the railway sector in a transparent and open manner that can inspire continued confidence and support from all our members and partners. May I thank them for this confidence and support so far; may I wish them and all of you a very happy holiday season and my most sincere personal wishes to continue working together for the benefit of all in 2014. May 2014 also bring you colourful and peaceful results in all your professional and personal actions and wishes.

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