Monday 23 December 2013
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Follow-up actions to the presentation delivered by UN representative Eva Molnar at UIC General Assembly

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As a follow-up to the presentation delivered by the UN representative Mrs Eva Molnar at the latest UIC General Assembly held on 12 December, it is worth noting that a number of actions are immediately being undertaken by UIC.

One is to apply directly to ECOSOC to increase the consultative status of UIC vis-à-vis the UN. Another is to continue to actively work with the UNECE representative in order to prepare the various documents needed to include rail transport as part of the UN’s strategic development goals; and the third is to prepare UIC presentations during the ECOSOC meetings in early January in New York to promote rail as actively as possible and its position on sustainable development.

More information on this will be communicated shortly and all UIC members will be kept informed at CEO-level of the outcome of these various actions which are so beneficial for the railway sector worldwide.

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Eva Molnar, Director of Transport Division, UNECE, speaking on behalf of the United Nations during the UIC General Assembly on 12 December