Tuesday 25 February 2014
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Over two million passengers have been transported by suburban electric commuter trains in the Sochi region since the start of the Winter Olympics

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Since 6 February (the start of the Winter Olympics), over two million passengers have been served by RZD’s suburban electric commuter trains on the “Olympic” routes in the Sochi area.

Passenger transport flows are proportional to the number of competitions taking place in the coastal and mountain clusters. To give an example of passenger numbers:

  • 6 February: almost 104,000 passengers
  • 7 February, the opening day of the competition: almost 121,000 passengers
  • 8 February: almost 132,000 passengers
  • 9 February: almost 174,000 passengers
  • 13 February: 229,000 passengers
  • 15 February: 233,000 passengers
  • 16 February: 281,000 passengers, etc.

RZD is managing such large passenger numbers on the Olympic routes in Sochi by running additional electric trains when needed. As an example, on the opening day of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games, 198 trains arrived and departed on routes to the Olympic Park – six more than the 192 trains initially timetabled.

The number of trains was increased in order to cope with the large passenger flows. Thus, within a short space of time, close to 34,000 passengers – both competing athletes and visitors – used the suburban train service following the ninety-minute opening ceremony, with the trains operating at six-minute intervals. Also, from 15 – 23 February 2014 inclusive, an additional Lastotchka service was run in order to bring the athletes back to the Olympic Village after late training sessions.

(Source: RZD)

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