Tuesday 11 March 2014
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International Transport Forum 2014: UIC will be participating to represent the worldwide rail sector

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The International Transport Forum’s 2014 Summit, organised by ITF, the global transport policy platform linked to the OECD, will take place this year in Leipzig from 21 – 23 May 2014.

As is the case each year, the International Transport Forum’s Summit – bringing together its 54 member states – will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the issue of transport.

Together, political decision-makers, researchers, entrepreneurs, civil servants and representatives of civil society will try to understand and anticipate the transformations taking place in our societies.

This year the Summit will deal with “Transport for a Changing World”.

UIC, which has fostered close and fruitful links with ITF for several years now, will once again be participating in the Forum this year to represent the worldwide rail sector.

UIC Position Paper is available here:

More information about the Forum here: http://2014.internationaltransportforum.org/

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