Information published on 18 March 2014 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 390.

Two ONCF videos viewed during the International seminar “Railways: Past, Present and Future” organised by Moroccan Railways ONCF and UIC in Marrakech

Two films produced for Moroccan Railways ONCF were shown to the international guests and delegates attending the international railway seminar “Railways: Past, Present and Future”, jointly organised by ONCF and UIC on 6 March in Marrakech to mark the end of the celebration of a double anniversary: 100 years of railways on Moroccan ground and 50 years anniversary for the ONCF company founded after the Independence.

One video gives a particularly attractive overview of all ceremonies which were held to celebrate the Moroccan Railways’ anniversary: from the impressive “Mapping” pyrotechnical show on the “Chellah” historic walls in the capital of the Kingdom Rabat in September 2013, to the parade and festive events organised for the entire population in Marrakech during the summer to the closing ceremonies in Marrakech (international seminar, photo exhibition, issuing of a special stamp to mark 50 years of ONCF) …

Another video shown during the seminar is the institutional video presenting the strategy and achievements of ONCF during the recent period: “2005-2009 strategy, ONCF on tracks of growth”.
This film illustrates in an effective manner all the ambitious railway developments in Morocco – focusing on intercity and suburban transportation, freight and combined transport, high speed rail development – for the best benefit of the economy and populations.

The videos are available below:


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