Tuesday 15 April 2014

InterRail passengers benefit from 25% reduction on Thello night trains

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Since 1 April 2014 InterRail passengers have benefited from a 25% reduction on Thello night trains. This reduction applies to full-price adult tickets held by passengers with either an InterRail Global Pass or an InterRail One Country Pass for France or Italy. The special fare is available to pass-holders at Thello and Trenitalia (FS Italiane) points of sale.

Thello is a French-Italian railway company created out of the partnership between FS/Trenitalia and Transdev. It operates night trains travelling between France and Italy on a daily basis. Thello trains link major cities such as Paris, Milan and Venice.

In France, Thello services depart from Paris and Dijon every evening, whilst in Italy there are departures from Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Brescia and Milan. Arriving at the very heart of the city, passengers can begin sight-seeing straightaway or continue their journey in Italy using the Frecciarossa high speed rail network whose trains cover the 576km (358 miles) between Milan and Rome in under three hours.

The InterRail pass for young travellers was created in 1972 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of UIC, International Union of Railways.

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