Tuesday 13 May 2014
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Czech Republic ČD railjet launches test operations with passengers

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The first ČD railjet unit officially launched test operations with passengers on 6 May. From December ČD railjet units and ÖBB railjet units will connect Prague, Brno, Vienna and Graz at regular two-hour intervals.
By introducing railjets, ČD is strengthening its position in the area of international long-distance transport, and the Czech national carrier thus becomes part of an international network of fast and comfortable trains to which it will connect directly at the newly constructed Vienna Main Station transfer hub. This cooperation will benefit mainly passengers, who can also use the most modern type of train in inland transport between Prague, Pardubice, Brno and Břeclav.
“Today, we have enabled our passengers to use the first completely new train for long-distance transport, which represents – in addition to many technical innovations – a new level of quality in travel. Air-conditioning, an information system, restaurant, accessibility modifications for passengers using wheelchairs – these are already automatic components of many of our trains, but here we are offering our passengers additional new services and improvements as well,” says ČD’s Chairman and CEO, Daniel Kurucz, adding specific examples: “Business travellers can take advantage of the serenity of the new business class section with comfortable adjustable armchairs, while families with children will appreciate reserved seating near the children’s cinema. Nearby, there is also space for stowing prams and strollers. We’re also thinking about cyclists, which is not usual for similar fast trains. For these reasons, railjet between Prague and Brno is a good alternative not only to the bus but also to the personal automobile. The quality and speed of trains on this line is now at the European level, and railjet trains only confirm this fact.”

Modern ČD railjet units offer their passengers a high level of comfort as well as faster travel. Travel time between Prague and Vienna will be reduced from the current 4 hours 45 minutes to approximately 4 hours 10 minutes. After modernisations are completed on several line segments in the Czech Republic, ČD plans to reduce travel time between Prague and Brno as well. It will then be possible to travel from Prague to Vienna in less than 4 hours.

ČD’s 7-carriage railjet has a total of 442 seats, of which 6 are in business class and 42 are in 1st class. The train can travel at up to 230 km/h, is 185 m long without the locomotive and weighs 350 tonnes. Today, railjet trains are deployed on international connections between Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. And from December 2014 the Czech Republic will be added to this list as well.

(Source: ČD)

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