Wednesday 11 June 2014
Rail Freight


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TAF TSI is now in an implementation phase. RAILDATA helps its members fulfil their TAF TSI requirements as regards RU-RU communication in the shape of the ISR and ORFEUS tools.

During its last General Assembly, RAILDATA decided to set up a new group to support Freight RUs within this implementation phase for RU-RU concerns.

A new Special Assembly is about to be created in close cooperation with the UIC Freight IT Study Group. It will be open to any European Freight RU.

The kick-off meeting of this Special Assembly is planned for November. RAILDATA
plays a key role in the TAF TSI process by being involved in different groups such as the Joint Sector Group and the TAF TSI Steering Committee as an observer.

For further information please contact Francis Bedel: or Patrick Mantell:

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