Wednesday 11 June 2014
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Ulan Bator Railway celebrates 65th anniversary

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On 6 June 2014, the Mongolian-Russian Joint Stock Company Ulan Bator Railway (UBTZ) celebrated its 65th anniversary. The company’s anniversary event was attended by Mongolia’s Minister of Road and Transportation Mr A. Gansukh, the Director General of the International Union of Railways Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, the First Vice-President of Russian Railways Mr Morozov V. N., the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Mongolia Mr Azizov I. K., and the Vice-Chairman of the Federal Railway Authority of the Russian Federation Mr Mitsyuk I. V.

The UIC Director General who participated in this anniversary, said:

UTBZ has been an active member of UIC since 2011, but has a long history of railway development. The ceremony was very well organised and displayed the new opening of a rail system around Ulan Bator and also showed the modernisation of the railway lines, especially with the acquisition of new engines and freight rolling stock. Mongolia is developing its international traffic built for exports, imports and transits. In this respect its position between Russia and China makes its railway system a key link in the development of international east-west corridors, probably the shortest link in distance and time; therefore the presence of UIC showing the interest of the international community for the development of railways in general and international corridors in particular was very important to celebrate not only an anniversary but also a prosperous future for this new member of our community.”

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