Tuesday 24 June 2014
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CALL for contributions to the UIC Multimedia Library

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For the attention of UIC members: send us your photographs and videos!

With a view to enhancing the content of the multimedia library (http://mediacentre.uic.org/index.html), which members of the association regularly use to promote their activities, we are launching another campaign to collect (recent) photographs and videos. These documents will serve towards illustrating projects and other events likely to attract the interest and support of the international railway community around UIC.

Information on sending photos and videos:

The documents must be copyright free, so that we can disseminate and access them on the UIC Multimedia Library.

Information on sending authorisations and other specifications:

You can access the authorisation forms and other specifications for submitting photographs and videos can be downloaded at the following links:

You can also find these forms on the UIC Multimedia Library website.


Should someone who is not a user of the Multimedia Library wish to access the database of the Multimedia Library, they may submit an online request from the homepage of the MediaCenter or to the administrator of the database at the following address: perrin@uic.org.

For further information, please contact the UIC Multimedia Library at: mediacenter@uic.org.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The Multimedia Library is under the responsibility of the Communications Department, which manages and publishes multimedia documents at UIC.

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Croatian railway line through the poppies, HZ Holding (Croatian Railways) © Mr Dragutin Stanicic 2011
Gare du Palais in Quebec City, Via Rail Canada, © Via Rail Canada, 2013
Television report on the departure of the “Climate Express”, Euronews, 5 December 2009, (video) 1 min. 38 s, in English, © Euronews 2009
Jasper - Prince Rupert train, Via Rail Canada, © Via Rail Canada, 2013