Tuesday 24 June 2014
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NETWORK RAIL Level Crossing Forum, 13 June 2014

Praise for risk reduction

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On 13 June, the first Level Crossing Forum Awards were held at Westwood, during the two-day LC Forum. In attendance were our level crossing user champion, Tina Hughes MBE and broadcaster and former MP, Michael Portillo. These awards highlight the work being done by our level crossing managers and their teams to reduce the risk of accidents. The recipients of the awards were nominated and voted for by other level crossings managers and their teams.

The awards

Tina Hughes presented the award for route level crossing manager of the year to Chris Booth. Tina said: “Chris’ work epitomises Network Rail values and that nothing was too much trouble”. Tina also said: “Ross Kerr’s work was being recognised as highly commended for his willingness to go the extra mile”.

Robin Gisby, managing director, Network Operations, presented the award for outstanding team achievement, giving the prize to the Anglia team for the progress they have made over the last year. Robin said: “From where they were to where they are now, they are without doubt the team of the year.”

Peter Jarrett, who sadly lost his grandchild in an accident at a level crossing in 2012, presented the award for level crossing manager of the year to Billy Davis, who won for his passion, drive and tenacity. Debbie Johnson was also highly commended, for her drive to improve safety.

"Amazing changes in the last year"

Peter Jarrett spoke about his experience after the tragic loss of his four year old granddaughter, Emma Lifsey, in December 2012. He talked about the “unspeakably painful” loss, but also highlighted the bravery of ordinary members of the public and emergency services who had witnessed the accident and done everything they could to help. His wife, who had been driving the car, was seriously injured but survived, and Peter said it had changed his perspective on heroes.

Both Tina and Peter praised our work in reducing the risk at level crossings, with Peter saying that he had “been blown away by (the) enthusiasm”, while Tina said that she was “so impressed by the amazing changes in the last year”.

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