Tuesday 8 July 2014
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UIC / RAI Workshop on Passenger and High-Speed Rail (30 August – 1 September 2014 in Tehran)

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A UIC RAME (Middle-East) Workshop on Passenger Activities and High Speed Rail Traffic will take place, hosted by the Railways of the I.R. of Iran (RAI) in cooperation with the UIC Middle East Office under the auspices of UIC on 30 – 31 August and 1 September 2014 in Tehran for three days.
The workshop will be organised and presented by top managers and senior advisors from UIC Passenger and High Speed Departments, as well as managers of passengers issues from Spain, Germany…

The workshop, with a two-fold focus on Passenger Activities and High Speed Rail Systems, will bring together professionals and experts from the passenger and high speed sectors from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and will be a place for exchange of best practices on High Speed Rail planning, construction, operations and maintenance, high speed principles and development around the world, high speed rolling stock, passenger activities at UIC, the MERITS/PRIFIS concept, benchmarking on European and Asian ticketing systems, safety and security considerations…

UIC and the UIC Middle East Office would be very pleased to welcome managers and experts from UIC member railways at this workshop in Tehran.

For further information and to attend the workshop please contact:
Mr Mehdi Torabi (UIC Middle East Regional Office in Tehran). Email: ME@rameuic.com, Tel: 00 98 21 88 200 378 or 00 98 21 55 12 81 37. Fax: 00 98 21 88 200 377.

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