Information published on 9 September 2014 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 414.

The European Project MAINLINE is holding its final workshop in Paris, UIC, on 30 September 2014

The MAINLINE Final Workshop will take place at UIC in Paris on 30 September 2014.

MAINLINE project
MAINLINE stands for maintenance, renewal and improvement of rail transport infrastructure to reduce economic and environmental impacts. The MAINLINE project has been initiated by UIC in order to develop methods and tools that will contribute to a more cost efficient and effective improvement of European railway infrastructure based on whole life considerations.
Please go to our website to find more information about the project, including the presentations of our last workshop in May:

Final results
During this workshop the final results and practical outputs will be presented and distributed to the participants, including:

  • a Life Cycle Assessment Tool (LCAT) that will evaluate whole life environmental and economic impact for maintenance and renewal activities of three assets – bridges, track and earthworks – and the corresponding user manual
  • a Guideline to the application of new technologies to extend the life of elderly rail infrastructure
  • a Guideline for replacement of elderly rail infrastructure

If you are willing to participate in this workshop (free of charge), please register no later than 22 September 2014 on this page:
Registration is binding as the number of participants is limited.

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