Tuesday 9 September 2014
UIC Asia-Pacific

UIC visits KazATC, the Kazakh rail training academy

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On 22 August, a UIC delegation led by Vincent Vu – Director of Institutional Relations and Coordinator of the Asia-Pacific Region – had the opportunity to visit KazATC, the Kazakh rail training academy named after Mr Tynyshpayev based in Almaty, as part of a cooperation agreement signed in 2013.

This day, organised by Mrs Raushan Satova, Executive Director for Research and Cooperation, provided this new partner the details of all the training activities initiated by UIC within the framework of Talents: the global talent network, SIAFI, the Global Executive MBA, as well as those related to research aiming, among others, to promote the best innovations in the railway sector.

KazATC was warmly invited to take part in these initiatives, to support the strategic action plan developed by the UIC Asia-Pacific Region, as well as contribute to the 7th Session of the Asia-Pacific Training Network to be held in Hanoi on 18 and 19 November. This meeting will prepare the regional training plan and guidelines in the field of engineering training for 2015 with all the other rail training bodies in the area.

Finally, KazATC highlighted its major role in multi-disciplinary railway training in Kazakhstan and at KTZ under training budgets amounting to several million euros, as well as its ongoing advisory role in the field of standardisation in Kazakhstan and the Common Economic Space, which could also be useful to UIC’s work.

For further information please contact Vincent Vu: vu@uic.org

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