Tuesday 14 October 2014
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Update on the UIC Executive MBA

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Why do you specifically need an Executive MBA in the railway industry?

Globalisation has increased the need for efficient, eco-friendly transport of goods and people, and railways are an excellent way to do this. Technology has helped to produce trains that are faster than small planes, and have increased the comfort and the speed of transport, whilst reducing the cost.

Newer and more sophisticated networks also need talented managers. The need for a specialised EMBA has emerged from the rapid development of the industry across the world, the massive capital expenditures that many countries and firms are budgeting for, and the increasing complexity of railway managers. Overall, the industry is looking for good managers that are well prepared for the technical aspects of the industry, as well as for the management side that is becoming more uncertain and more complex.

How can you specifically benefit from an EMBA when working in the railway sector?

The Railway EMBA is designed to provide solutions to the managerial challenges of this specific industry. As is the case with any important industry, many of the management tools and techniques that a manager needs are specific to the railway context and cannot be “imported” directly from other industries. Since the railways are not totally different from other industries, some management issues are the same – and this railway EMBA is the perfect answer: participants are trained to master core management techniques and tools, and they also learn to apply them specifically to the needs of their job and their companies. Because the programme is based on “action learning”, we are sure that participants will bring the lessons to work and apply what they learn to their reality, thus creating economic value in the process.

You benefit from the expertise of an internationally-renowned Business School:

  • EMLYON is a major force in the world of European Business Schools – ranked 13th business school in Europe (Financial Times, December 2013)
  • The EMLYON EMBA is ranked 3rd in the world for career progress (Financial Times, December 2013)
  • The EMLYON MBA is ranked 10th in the world for entrepreneurship (Financial Times, January 2014)
  • EMLYON is one of the few business schools to hold the triple accreditations of Equis, AACSB and AMBA.
  • EMLYON has 111 permanent highly qualified professors: 90% of our professors hold a doctorate and 20% hold research supervision accreditation

Why should you do an EMBA?

An EMBA helps you to:

  • Acquire a strategic vision of corporate issues to strengthen your decision making efficiently
  • Accelerate your career
  • Develop your competencies in line with your personal and company’s expectations
  • Confront and share your ideas and practices with those of others
  • Create a powerful network of peers

The UIC Railway Global Executive MBA programme is now running at full speed
Applications successfully opened straight after the INNOTRANS trade fair in Berlin from 23 – 26 September and many applicants from all around the world have already shown an interest in the programme.
Take the opportunity! Get in touch with the GEMBA advisor and receive more information about this programme

For further information please visit:

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