Tuesday 4 November 2014
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Belarus: Belarusian Railways approves new timetable for Minsk Pasažyrski – Minsk National Airport Route

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On 7 November a new passenger train route will be opened and a modern DP3 diesel multiple unit (DMU) will depart for the first time from Minsk Pasažyrski station to Minsk National Airport. The train will depart at 4.30 pm and 8.25 pm.

From 8 November five modern three-car DP3 diesel multiple units (DMUs) will operate daily on this route in pairs. The first train will commence at 5.35 am, and the last one at 8.25 pm.

The trains will run via Smaliavičy. Smaliavičy will serve as an interchange station and will allow passengers arriving from Orša, Viciebsk, Mahilioŭ, Barysaŭ and other regional centres by Minsk-Orsha-Minsk business-class trains to change for trains to Minsk National Airport.

The train timetable has been developed with the consideration of the flight timetable and procedures, which passengers undergo in the airport, and the arrival time of the connecting trains, running between the regional centres and Minsk.
The journey time includes travelling by bus from Minsk National Airport railway station to the airport facilities and is about 70 minutes (55 – 56 minutes by train).

(Source: Belarusian Railways)

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