Information published on 4 November 2014 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 422.

Presentation of UIC to major customers of DHL Freight France

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On 23 October UIC was invited by DHL Freight France to present its mission and main activities at an evening event organised for the company’s major shippers and customers representing a broad range of economic sectors such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, retail and a number of specialised activities.
This first evening event organised by DHL for his main customers was fully dedicated to “Rail” through a number of presentations.

The DHL headquarters team was led by Claude Brigand, President of DHL France and included the managers and representatives of all main products and market sectors.

The UIC’s main mission and activities and projects conducted in the technical and operational fields were presented by Paul Véron, UIC Communications Director also in charge of the Middle-East Region. He underlined the promising development of long distance corridors, in particular the Euro-Asian and North/South corridors.
He also focused on plans and projects for new railways and corridors in the Asian and Middle-East regions.

Ms Marie Plaud, Senior Advisor, Communications, focused her presentation on the perspectives opened up to rail transport, in particular rail freight, in the framework of sustainable transport policies. Marie Plaud described the recent activities that UIC is developing in close cooperation with the United Nations bodies: UIC’s consultative status to the UN and ECOSOC, participation in the High-Level Group for Sustainable Transport to the Secretary-General, presentation of the rail’s commitment in the recent UN Climate Summit in September. On the occasion of the COP 21 United Nations Climate Change conference in December 2015 in Paris, UIC will coordinate the railway campaign to highlight rail’s advantage on the issues of climate and the environment. It will also be an opportunity for shippers and customers choosing rail for their logistics systems, to be associated with such a campaign. She also presented the fact that UIC has recently coordinated six strategic “Vision” documents for the development of railways in each region.

Several managers of market sectors presented the DHL solutions using rail and possibly tailored for major customers.

A presentation focused in particular on the successful long distance DHL train using a corridor linking Chengdu in China to Malaszewicze in Poland via Kazakhstan in 14 days. This freight service proved to be particularly reliable and attractive for important shippers.