Wednesday 19 November 2014
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Positive results for the first year of activity of Rail Freight Corridor 6 – Mediterranean Corridor

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The Management Board of Rail Freight Corridor 6 (RFC 6) – Mediterranean Corridor is pleased to communicate the positive results of the first operational year of activity.
Thanks to the commitment of the RFC 6 Member States, Infrastructure Managers and Allocation Bodies working closely with the Corridor’s Management, all the requirements of regulation 913/2010 have been successfully fulfilled within the expected time-frame: setting up the corridor’s governance structures, editing and implementing the corridor documents/procedures, establishing the Corridor One Stop Shop (C-OSS), and publishing and allocating dedicated rail freight capacity.

Thanks to a targeted communication action plan, the corridor’s management has been able to inform a large number of stakeholders about the functioning and added-value opportunities provided by the corridor.

The following figures show the strong interest of stakeholders in the use of the corridor:

  • Daily published capacity: 140 pre-arranged paths
  • Daily Requested capacity: 60 pre-arranged paths
  • Percentage of requested capacity: 42%
  • Railway undertakings requesting corridor capacity: 8

The C-OSS has also worked hard to offer a prompt answer to all the clients who requested corridor capacity and has given full support to customer needs: more than 85% of requests were answered and allocated on time at the end of August 2014.
Thanks to these results, the Corridor Management Board decided to strengthen the capacity offer for the 2016 timetable. In the context of fruitful collaboration with all the business partners and potential customers, the corridor’s management is on his way to identify and improve all the parameters which have an impact on the daily business operations of the rail freight sector.

For further information please contact Andrea Galluzzi, Managing Director:


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