Information published on 2 December 2014 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 426.

Innovation in rail freight BLS Cargo wins Swiss Logistics Award 2014

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BLS Cargo wins the 19th Swiss Logistics Award, Switzerland’s most prestigious logistic award, with its innovative project “One locomotive – four countries”.

Since the end of 2013, BLS Cargo has been running locomotives through to Holland and Italy under the slogan “one locomotive – four countries”. The concept was developed in very close cooperation with ERS Railways. Instead of operating with different locomotives, which were formerly switched at the borders, the trains are now running across borders with just one locomotive, homologated for all four countries. The concept therefore represents a highly efficient and reliable operation from Rotterdam to Melzo: 21 hours driving, three hours for breaks, six days a week.

Under the slogan “one locomotive – four countries”, BLS Cargo was the first railway to implement a vision of the European Union with efficient and truly cross-border freight transport on the Rhine-Alpine Corridor.

GS1 Switzerland has been giving the award for new, pioneering logistic achievements since 1996. The award is given in recognition of business process solutions which are market and customer-orientated and which, when implemented, prove to generate above-average commercial success.

(Source: BLS)