Information published on 2 December 2014 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 426.

The Corporate Partnership Board of the International Transport Forum

In the context of close relations established between UIC and the International Transport Forum (ITF), for several years now, please find below information about the Corporate Partnership Board.

Businesses are at the cutting edge of developments in a rapidly changing sector. Their foresight when it comes to future policy challenges and insights into the practical implications of policy change are extremely valuable to high-level decision-makers.

In March 2013, the International Transport Forum (ITF) member countries mandated the creation of a formal mechanism for engaging with the private sector. The Corporate Partnership Board (CPB) was created as this platform for dialogue with business.

The ITF, and the ministries it represents, invite leading companies from across the transport spectrum to join the CPB. Designed to grow over a three-year period, Partners will form a global network of some 50 companies from across all transport modes and closely related areas like energy, finance, IT, who understand the challenges to transport and want to work with policy makers to find solutions.

Information on the ITF and the Corporate Partnership Board is available below (cf. links)

  • About the International Transport Forum brochure, (which gives background information on the ITF and Corporate Partnership Board, listing their current members and the projects which are being undertaken at the moment)
  • The Corporate Partnership Board Brochure, outlining the benefits for Partners.
  • Synopsis of the Institutional and Operational Guidelines of the Corporate Partnership Board
  • CPB 2014 Thematic Project Series’ booklet, with some of the findings of the reports, with links to more of the background documents for more information. ITF presented the findings of these reports to their Transport Management Board of their 54 countries and OECD Ambassadors end of September 2014. The response was very encouraging.

For further information on the CPB and its activities, please contact: