Tuesday 9 December 2014
UIC Africa

11th Regional Assembly for UIC Africa

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The 11th Regional Assembly for UIC Africa was held on 1 December in Paris in the presence of the region’s main networks, i.e. ONCF, represented by its Chief Executive Mr Mohamed Rabie Khlie, Chairman of the UIC African Region; SNCFT, represented by Mrs Rym Ben Ayed representing the UIC Office in Tunis, as well the networks of SIPF (Côte d’Ivoire), ANESRIF (Algeria), and SDCF (Djibouti).

Following an opening speech by the Chairman of the region and UIC Director General Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, who thanked the delegations for their attendance and participation, the Coordinator of the UIC African Region Mr Jerzy Wisniewski and Mr Said Chandid, Director at ONCF, took stock of the work conducted within the region in 2014 and presented an action plan for 2015 in line with the region’s budget.

The year 2014 has been a success for the African region, which has seen the development of one action per month; the same rhythm should be maintained throughout 2015.

Following the success of the previous cohorts, two training sessions on the safety of railway systems and track maintenance will be taking place over a two-week period at the ONCF training centre in Rabat or at any specific invitation by a member, with the collaboration of UIC technical experts in spring and autumn 2015 respectively. All members of the African Region are invited to take part.

A seminar on the interconnections and challenges of railway interoperability will be held at the invitation of a member during the first semester of the year.
It is to be noted in the agenda that the 5th International Conference on rail stations i.e. “Next Station” will be taking place in Morocco in October 2015, followed by a conference on track maintenance.

For further information please contact Jerzy Wisniewski, Coordinator of the African Region: wisniewski@uic.org

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From left to right: Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General and Mr Mohamed Rabie Khlie, ONCF Chief Executive, Chairman of the UIC African Region