Tuesday 9 December 2014
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1st UIC Running Race successfully held (Paris, 2 December 2014)

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During the previous UIC General Assembly in Portoroz in June 2014 UIC Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux proposed to Members the idea of organising the first UIC running race at the latest General Assembly in Paris on 2 December, an event open to all participants from railway companies, transport associations and international institutions.

The project, led by a dedicated UIC team which organised the event held in Paris on 2 December, was a way to share a moment of conviviality in the context of the UIC Statutory meetings, to promote the values of the association and to develop a team spirit among UIC members and partners at a time when it is crucial to strengthen it. The event brought together around 60 participants from a dozen countries.

The race, of approximately five kilometres in length, was held in Paris at the stadium in front of UIC and a special award ceremony was held at the gala reception dinner on the evening of 2 December.

The 1st International Railway Running race consisted of:

  • Around 60 participants
  • A dozen teams
  • From a dozen countries around the world
  • From Asia, Europe, Middle-East, North America …
  • Around 600 laps of the track
  • Around 180 km covered in distance, the equivalent of a journey from Paris to Normandy
  • Around 10,000 calories burned

All members of the UIC Running Team would like to warmly thank all the runners for their enthusiasm and participation!

The video of the event is available here:

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