Tuesday 13 January 2015
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BC, Belarusian Railways, Belarus: Reconstruction of railway bridge over the Western Bug River

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The 303-m long railway bridge over the Western Bug River connects Poland with Belarus. It is a single-track railway bridge, which has six girders (two reinforced-concrete girders (66 m) and four metal girders (71.5 m)). The bridge has a combined track superstructure: it has a 1435mm track gauge and a 1520 mm track gauge. The reconstruction of the bridge was a joint effort between Belarusian and Polish experts.

During the reconstruction 400 bridge timbers, track superstructure elements, overhead wire, supporting structures and overhead line insulators were changed. Two types of 3.3kV DC overhead wires were connected (on the territory of Poland and Belarus). New rails, clamps, approach sleepers and a cable, ensuring an uninterrupted operation of the semi-automatic devices, were laid. The bridge trusses were newly painted.

A number of the republican enterprises and the enterprises of the Belarusian Railway were involved in the reconstruction activities.

The part of the bridge serviced by the Polish Railway also underwent large-scale reconstruction. The structures of the bridge were strengthened to ensure safe rail traffic at target speeds.

The bridge over the Western Bug was constructed in the 1910s. It was completely destroyed during World War II and rebuilt in 1949. In 2006 – 2007 OJSC Mostootryad-58 (Brest, Republic of Belarus) repaired the metal girders of the bridge. The bridge was opened for train service in mid-December.

The reconstruction will ensure a long service life for the bridge and regular passenger and freight traffic on European transport corridor II.

(Source: BC, Belarusian Railways)

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