Tuesday 13 January 2015
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Iran-Iraq railway line to be completed soon

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A new railway line that will enable Pilgrims from Iran to visit the country’s two Shiite sites is nearing completion. 30km of railway will be built in Iraq to Najaf and Karbala and a river crossing at Shalamcheh will need to be built to achieve this.

Iraq has asked Iran for help in building the new railway between Najaf and Karbala to enable Pilgrims to pass between the two cities.

Since there has been increased trade between the two countries, 35 million tonnes of rail freight has passed between the two countries in the last few years but this new railway investment should boost that by 198 million tonnes per year.

The railway will also carry 58 million passengers per year, as trade strengthens and deepens between the two countries.

In addition the two countries are to dredge the channel at Arvand Roud to enable bigger ships to pass up the waterway. This will further boost the trade of goods and people between the old foes.

(Source: RAI)

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