Tuesday 24 February 2015
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Australia: TrackSAFE applauds fast-tracked removal of 50 level crossings in Victoria

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TrackSAFE is encouraged by the fast‐tracking of level crossing removals in Victoria and expresses its strong support of the efforts of the new government in addressing this important safety issue.

TrackSAFE Director and ARA CEO Bryan Nye OAM said the actions of Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan are welcomed by TrackSAFE and will be supported as TrackSAFE continues to raise awareness about matters that ultimately affect rail employees.

“The announcement of the fast‐tracked removal of 50 level crossings is welcomed by the rail industry and we are encouraged to see a state government taking action in addressing this ongoing national issue,” Mr Nye said.

There are thousands of near hits at level crossing every year and each one is just seconds’ way from becoming a potential disaster.

“TrackSAFE invests considerable time and resources into education and awareness campaigns directed at improving behaviour around level crossings,” stated Mr Nye.

TrackSAFE’s awareness campaign, Rail Safety Week, will run for its tenth year, this year 10‐16 August, keeping the focus on level crossing and track safety.

“The physical removal of level crossings by state governments greatly assists us in our mission to reduce incidents and compliments our education, awareness and advocacy efforts,” Mr Nye said.

“The Main Rd, St Albans level crossing has had fatalities, serious injuries and many near collisions, and is of great concern amongst train drivers. We are encouraged to hear that construction is expected to commence at St Albans later this year,” Mr Nye continued.

TrackSAFE was launched in March 2012 to address incidents on the rail network and by endeavouring to reduce level crossing collisions and near hits the aim is to create better workplaces for rail employees.

“We work hard to make sure that our rail employees get home safely and welcome the opportunity to work with RACV and the newly established Level Crossing Removal Authority," Mr Nye said.

“The Victorian Government must be congratulated on their proactive approach to level crossing safety” My Nye concluded.

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