Tuesday 10 March 2015
Railway Research

Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2016

Registration and paper submission deadline: 30 March 2015!

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TRA 2016

The Transport Research Arena – surface transport research and innovation – conference will take place in Warsaw, Poland from 18 – 21 April 2016. It is the largest research and innovation conference for surface transport (road, rail and waterborne transport as well as intermodal). It is important that rail is featured at this conference so please submit abstracts for presentations, highlighting your organisation’s activities and projects dealing with research and innovation, and showing the advantages and progress of the rail sector.

Paper abstracts can be sent by 30 March 2015 at the latest, just follow the registration link below: https://www.conftool.pro/traconference/il.php?ID=12737&a=snTTHeoL7sN9&y=7e8a

For any questions about TRA 2016, please contact office@tra2016.eu

For all questions related to the “Innovation and Opportunities for Rail Freight” Conference, the WCRR 2016 or the TRA 2016, please contact Dennis Schut, UIC Research Unit: schut@uic.org

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