Tuesday 24 March 2015
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Czech Republic: ČD introduces additional children’s carriages with cinemas

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During the spring, ČD is expanding the deployment of trains with children’s cinemas to the Prague – Pardubice – Olomouc – Ostrava – Žilina line

A carriage with a specially modified compartment will be included in five pairs of trains, e.g. on the Ostravan, Jan Perner and Petr Bezruč connections. Passengers travelling with children can already use the children’s cinema on railjet trains serving the Prague – Pardubice – Brno – Břeclav – Vienna – Graz route. Compartments reserved for passengers travelling with children under 10 years of age are available on fast (R) and express (Ex) connections on all main lines. In total, this constitutes 346 trains operating throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

Children’s cinemas are also available to passengers travelling with children on railjet trains serving the Prague – Pardubice – Brno – Břeclav – Vienna – Graz line

This service is available on the line running between Prague and southern Moravia every two hours. In the vicinity of the reserved seats there are also spaces for stowing prams and a WC with a changing table. Moreover, on blue railjet trains there are tables near the children’s cinema equipped with the game board for “Elfík’s Journey” (“Elfíkova cesta”) and seats reserved for passengers travelling with children; the train crew will provide passengers with playing figures and dice free of charge.

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