Tuesday 9 June 2015
Rail Freight

Reminder - Workshop on “Safe loading – a vital issue involving all supply chain partners"

11 June 2015 Paris, UIC HQ

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Rail is demonstrably the safest transport mode for freight – be it for conventional business or for combined transport. And as far as the latter is concerned, it represents the main growth sector of rail freight and a main vector of modal shift.

Safety is a concern for all actors in the logistics supply chain, not only for the railways but also the industrial shippers, road haulers, terminal managers, combined transport operators, and equipment manufacturers. All of them must know and comply with the proper implementation of the existing loading rules and directives, and use the adequate equipment.

UIC is pleased to invite you to contribute actively to the Workshop “Safe loading – a vital issue involving all supply chain partners.”

The conference will take place on 11 June 2015 at the UIC headquarters in Paris.

Register at: http://www.uic.org/spip.php?article3395

Contact: lelli@uic.org

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