Tuesday 21 July 2015
In Memoriam

Tribute to George Barbu

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It is with great sadness that UIC announces the death of George Barbu, who was a great engineer. Through his skills, his convictions and his strength of character, George Barbu helped UIC to change. He contributed to helping UIC move forward in the use of advanced technologies that have improved the professional credibility and international standing of the association. UIC is very grateful for his contribution. All his former colleagues and the UIC staff address him one last warm thought.

George Barbu, Electronic Engineer with a diploma (Master’s Degree) from the Electronic and Telecommunications Faculty of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, started his career as a Research Engineer for signalling systems at the Research Institute of Romanian Railways, CFR. Until 1993 he occupied several positions in Romania such as, among others, Head of the IT section of the research centre of Romanian Railways (CFR), Director General of International Affairs of the Romanian Ministry of Transport. From the end of 1993 until July 2004, he was responsible for the technical group and expert for signalling and IT at the European Rail Research Institute (ERRI). He joined UIC in July 2004 as Senior Adviser for signalling, IT and new technologies. From 2010, he was Coordinator of the Control-Command and Signalling Sector of the UIC Rail System Department.

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George Barbu on 24 April 2014 during the “SATLOC” demonstration organised by UIC together with European stakeholders in Brasov, Romania