Tuesday 22 September 2015
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Prevention Train headed for Vysočina Region, planning to stop in five cities

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For the thirteenth time, the successful project of České dráhy “Prevention Train for a safe railway” departs today (14 September 2015) from the city of Humpolec for its journey through the Vysočina Region. It will present – each day in another city – an unconventional projection of the film “You won’t make it!”, a discussion with investigators or first aid practice. From Humpolec, the train will head for Havlíčkův Brod, on Wednesday to Žďár nad Sázavou, on Thursday it will stop in Jihlava and it will end its journey on Friday in Třebíč. The Prevention Train is based on uncommon methods of communication with young people which proved very useful in previous years.

Visitors of the train consisting of older pupils from primary schools and high schools students will see right in the railway environment a possible ending of unnecessary risks caused by thoughtless hazard, rakishness or simple carelessness. “České dráhy has concentrated on prevention for a long time already. As the national carrier and the biggest company operating passenger transport in the Czech Republic we feel a social responsibility and we strive to appeal to children and by their intermediary to adults as well. The railway network in the Czech Republic belongs to the densest in Europe which unfortunately results in many accidents. The majority of these tragedies happen quite needlessly, in most cases caused by undisciplined drivers or pedestrians. We know from practice that the most endangered groups are young people between 14 and 19 years of age. The Prevention Train is designed precisely for these young people”, said Mr Pavel Krtek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of České dráhy.

“Within the framework of its own project Vysočina More Safe, the regional local government of the Vysočina Region strives to inform on dangers that may be encountered by drivers and pedestrians. We would like to have more discussions on obvious threats at all types of schools so that young people are more aware of these and do not underestimate them. We perceive the Prevention Train of České dráhy as an effective tool highly contributing to education and information”, said Mr Jiří Běhounek, Governor of the Vysočina Region who saw the presentation together with primary school pupils right during the first train stop in Humpolec.

“The tragic events from recent weeks unfortunately show an extremely low level of respect for clearly defined rules of behaviour on the railway, both for road cars on railway crossings, children playing on decommissioned wagons or crossing the railway line outside assigned places. Such behaviour mostly results in tragic consequences. Although the way to remedy the situation is long and slow, the Prevention Train is precisely such a project that can unambiguously lead to improve the situation. It shows us not only the dangers but also specific outcomes which illustrate the senselessness of unnecessarily risking one’s life”, said Mr Pavel Surý, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

“Each year, several human lives are lost on the railway due to irresponsible behaviour or carelessness”. That is why the Czech Police is carrying out a number of measures by form of controls focused on forbidden crossing or cutting across the railway, disobeying instructions of the infrastructure manager and observing legal regulations at railway crossings. Besides measures mentioned above, it also organizes prevention discussions for young Prevention Train visitors for several years on issues of personal safety because precisely education leading to responsibility for personal health and life makes most sense for teenagers”, added Ms Zuzana Pidrmanová, Prevention Coordinator of the Czech Police Headquarters.

The Prevention Train is dispatched by České dráhy and the Railway Infrastructure Administration together with other partners.

What visitors will find in the Prevention Train

The first car is a special cinematic coach designed to project a quite new film. The acted documentary called “You won’t make it!” acquaints the public with basic safety rules on the railway and in its surroundings, it provides information about risky behaviour and it draws attention to its possible fatal consequences. The film is very emotional and effective because the individual stories are based on real-life exceptional events on the railway. The motivation for the creation of the film “You won’t make it!” was mainly shocking statistics of railway accidents. Over the last three years, 673 people have died on the railways, 91 of whom were younger than 25. 2014 was the most tragic year in the aforementioned period which is also why České dráhy continues prevention focused on young people. Although this year there are less collisions in total by 25% compared to 2014 and the number of killed persons decreased by almost 29% the numbers are still highly alarming.

In the second conference car, visitors can discuss with experts dealing with accidents on the railway. They will meet investigators of the Railway Infrastructure Administration and the Czech Police. The car is equipped with modern technology so that visitors will see and hear more than words only.

At the third station, a fire truck and firemen from the Railway Infrastructure Administration are waiting for students to show their work. There will be not only theory in talk, pupils and students can try providing first aid by themselves. They will experience an authentic simulation of saving a human life. Participants will be attended by railway firemen with long-year experience in action during railway accidents.

The projections are taking place at railway stations mentioned above always from 8:15 am to 2:15 pm. A cycle for a single group lasts approximately 110 – 120 minutes. Students and pupils board the Prevention Train upon a reservation made in advance. The entry is free; all costs of this prevention event are borne by the project organisers.

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