Tuesday 22 September 2015
Relations with Members

UIC Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux met in Moscow with the newly appointed President of JSC Russian Railways (RZD) Oleg Belozerov

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On 16 September 2015 Russian Railways hosted a working meeting between President of JSC Russian Railways Mr Oleg Belozerov and Director General of the International Union of Railways (UIC) Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux. Mr Belozerov and Mr Loubinoux discussed a number of issues related to the current participation of JSC Russian Railways in UIC railway cooperation bodies – Forums, Platforms and working groups – and discussed plans for cooperation in the near future.

The Russian Railways Experts are actively involved in developing UIC international railway standards for high speed rail operations and, in the framework of the Asia-Pacific region of UIC, the UIC Asia-Pacific Strategy for up to 2050 is being prepared at the initiative and with the participation of JSC Russian Railways.

Representatives from JSC Russian Railways are part of the governing committees of the Transport and Rail System forums of the UIC, as well as the International Railway Research Board IRRB, the UIC Budget and Audit Committee. Experts from RZD also chair UIC working groups with a global dimension: the Global Group of Experts on International Transport Corridors, the Human Factor Group in the UIC Security Platform, and the Cyber Security Group as part of the UIC COLPOFER Group.

The President of JSC Russian Railways, Mr Oleg Belozerov, assured Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux that RZD will continue to work actively in all these areas and will contribute to achieving the objectives of UIC.

It is recalled that Russia was one of the founding Members of UIC, that it contributed to its international development during the two mandates of the RZD Chairman Mr Vladimir Yakunin and now until December 2016 Mr Oleg Belozerov.

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UIC Director General Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux (left) meets President of JSC Russian Railways Mr Oleg Belozerov (right) in Moscow