Tuesday 10 November 2015
CIS / Central Asia

63rd meeting of the Council for the railway transport of the CIS Member States (CRT CIS)

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The representatives of the railway administrations of the CIS Member States met in Uzbekistan. The meeting took place in Tashkent on 4 and 5 November.

The CIS railway officials discussed the issues of cooperation in the field of transport and the implementation of agreements reached at previous CRT CIS meetings.
This intergovernmental body was established after the signing of “An agreement on the functioning of the railroad coordination bodies of the Commonwealth of Independent States” in Minsk in 1992. Its members are the heads of the railway administrations of the Commonwealth member states. In addition, it is attended by representatives from Bulgaria, Georgia, Finland and the Baltic States.

UIC signed a MOU with CRT CIS to cooperate in the fields of standardisation, and safety and security, as well as in the development of Eurasian transport corridors.
The 63rd meeting was opened by the chairman of the Council for the railway transport of the Commonwealth Member States, Mr Oleg Belozerov.

The Council considered and decided on the operational activities of the railways, including issues related to the sharing of freight wagons and containers, the condition of passenger and freight rolling stock, train safety in international traffic, the development of accounting systems, services, scientific and technical cooperation, and others.
It was noted that over the past CRT CIS period, the members carried 1.4 billion tonnes of cargo, which is 15 percent more than their commitments. An increase in average transport distance of 3.5 percent was also recorded. The volume of cargo in containers for the past period amounted to 20 million tonnes, which is 6.1 percent more than their commitments. For 9 months of 2015 the number of passengers carried by international traffic amounted to 14.8 million.

During the event, special emphasis was placed on the consideration of the railways of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The President of the Joint Stock Company “Uzbekistan Railways”, Mr A. Ramatov presented the reforms conducted in the country’s railway sector and the modernisation, technical and technological equipment of the industry.
Uzbekistan Railways is a modern transport system based on high-level technology. Today, it covers more than 6 000 kilometres, and thus the country plays an important role in organising rail transport in the Eurasian area and ensuring the successful use of the opportunities of international transport corridors for the carriage of goods in transit.

JSC “Uzbekistan Railways” brings together a number of large industrial enterprises. Their modernisation, technical and technological equipment has allowed Uzbekistan to become the only country in Central Asia with complete construction and repair facilities for rolling stock.

In 2013, the modernisation of a foundry-mechanical plant worth more than $150 million was completed. It is equipped with technologically advanced German-manufactured production lines and is the only one in the region capable of producing moulding products for rail transport. By 2020, the company intends to produce up to 1 200 wagons each year and repair 1 500. In addition, the Tashkent plant for the construction and repair of passenger coaches has mastered the production of modern passenger coaches. In recent years, it produced 120 new and 735 modernised items. Thus, freight and passenger rolling stock manufactured locally will be operated in CIS, demonstrating the technological advances of the railway industry in Uzbekistan.

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