Tuesday 10 November 2015
Railway Security

LANDSEC 10 (4 November 2015)

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On 4 November 2015, the UIC Security Division attended the 10th meeting of LANDSEC organised by DG MOVE in Brussels.
At the request of DG MOVE, UIC gave a presentation on “Multi-modal station design: developing comprehensive security”, in the security of transport interchanges section of the agenda.

The aim of this presentation was to focus on how to improve the attractiveness, efficiency and security of main stations, combined with an innovative view of door-to-door service.

The design of main stations may adopt a new systematic and comprehensive approach which integrates a multi-disciplinary vision of security, safety, environment, civil defence and resilience, known as “comprehensive railway protection”. To respond to the complexity and ensure the security of main stations, it is essential to improve the objective level of security and to better identify, understand and analyse the “feeling of security” of the public, security staff and general staff working in stations.
UIC has proposed an innovative methodology based the improved collection and understanding of the “feeling of security” for these three categories of people.

For the public, one suggested option is to establish a regular annual satisfaction survey at European level. Another idea is to set up a space for the public to express their opinions in developing NICT and on social networks. In addition, a smartphone application for passengers would be a good method for getting an idea of the “feeling of security”.

Concerning general staff who have to deal with the public, the idea is to encourage the development of exchange groups on operational station management and to develop training on security constraints.
Finally, with regard to security staff, it is necessary to enhance their training on how to handle conflict situations and to help them to work out some situations. In addition, they may need to become more aware of railway corporate culture.

This topic on how to better identify, understand and find innovative solutions to improve the “feeling of security” of the public, security staff and general staff is one of the UIC Security Division priorities. The UIC Security Division will start working on it from the beginning of 2016.

For further information please contact Jacques Colliard: colliard@uic.org and Virginie Papillault: papillault@uic.org

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