Tuesday 23 February 2016
Data Modelling

6th RailTopoModel Conference to be held at UIC Paris headquarters on 19 April 2016

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With the release of IRS30100, the universal railway infrastructure data model prepared by infrastructure manager and industry further gains momentum.

RailTopoModel has been prepared to allow you cope with major challenges in data integration and data exchange. But releasing the RailTopoModel as an international railway standard marks the start of many initiatives, rather than the end of an intense work period.

The conference will therefore focus on recent initiatives, planned releases, and governance. Beyond the benefits to individual railway businesses, we also invite you to consider how the RailTopoModel can power the European Digital Single Railway Area; this is why we welcome Ms. Kathrin Obst (European Commission) to explore the implications of European policies in that field, and the opportunities RailTopoModel would help us seize.

Registration is free of charge at: www.railtopomodel.org; click on “Conference”

Direct link: http://www.railml.org/en/event-reader/6th-uic-railtopomodel-conference.html


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For further information please contact Airy Magnien, Data, Statistics & Economics Unit: magnien@uic.org

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