Tuesday 26 April 2016
Digital developments

Germany: Digital Developments at Deutsche Bahn

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An app to guide train travellers

The DB – Bavaria region has launched a new application for smart phones and tablets, to help train travellers with their journeys. Replacing an e-mail newsletter, the app aims to give real-time and more precise information about the railway traffic. This has been made possible thanks to all the data input into the application, both from DB employees and from the 60,000 Bavarian rail users.

Designed by the DB – Bavaria region with the help of the Bayerischen Eisenbahngesellschaft (BEG – Bavarian railway company), which plans, funds and monitors the traffic of regional and suburban trains, the application has also been developed to meet passengers’ needs more appropriately. From now on, they will be informed of any disruption in real-time by push notifications and offered several itineraries in accordance with their preferences, registered in the app. It is the first time that this kind of application is available in Germany.

“This is a true milestone for the comfort of passengers in Bavaria, this is why we did not hesitate to fund this project. Nothing is more important for travellers to be quickly and clearly informed of disruption which could have an impact on their journeys or their connections.” said Wolfgang Oeser, Quality, Marketing and Press Manager at BEG.

Four winners present their products

The four start-ups which won the first round of the innovation contest launched by DB (Dynamic Components, eMio, naturtrip.org and SIUT) have presented their products before a jury of 100 experts, or at least prototypes or concepts developed during the past few months thanks to the financial and personal support of DB.

Dynamic Components offered connected sensors to allow automatic and permanent exchange of data and SIUT their lights embedded in concrete, while eMio presented its electric scooters sharing concept and naturtrip.org its platform gathering all dynamic itineraries (without using cars) to go to fun and environment-friendly activities.

KONUX and senvisys, two of the first contest’s winners, are already a perfect example of a successful cooperation between start-ups and DB. Both companies are working hard on field tests to make their products ready for the market.
Next step for the DB Accelerator programme: start-ups can apply for the third part of the contest, “Next Station” before 1 May 2016.

(Source: Deutsche Bahn)

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