Information published on 28 June 2016 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 505.

China: First Shenzhen-Urumqi South through train in service

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At 9:30 on 15 May, Train Z230/231 from Shenzhen to Urumqi South in the charge of Guangjiu Passenger Depot of Guangzhou Railway Group Corporation, pulled out of Shenzhen Station. This was the first Shenzhen-Urumqi South through train.

The train adopts the latest 25T car body and is scheduled to finish the 4657 km journey in 48 hrs and 17 minutes. The ticket for a top-layer semi-cushioned sleeping berth costs 714.5 RMB, and that for a semi-cushioned seat costs 423.5 RMB for the whole trip. The train leaves Shenzhen Station at 9:20 every day and arrives at Urumqi South Station at 9:47 on the third day.

(Source: China Railways)