Tuesday 2 August 2016

UIC and Trenitalia (FSi Group) to hold their First Training Programme on Commuter and Regional Train Services

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The UIC Passenger Department is set to hold its first training course on Commuter and Regional Train Services. It will take place in Rome from 28-30 September and will be co-organised with Trenitalia.

It is often said that passengers represent half of world railway business, but it is also true that a very high percentage of those who take the train are travelling on commuter and regional services. These transport systems are found throughout the world, and the approach to them and their characteristics may be similar or different, whether in terms of intermodality, accessibility or other factors. However, one common point may be the existence of PSOs, Public Service Obligation contracts, by which society expresses its requirements in the field of transportation, involving decision-makers, urban and territorial planners, local and regional authorities, etc.

Consequently, it is increasingly necessary for all agents involved to be familiar with the many aspects and implications of Commuter and Regional Train Services (both positive and negative) in order to be able to take decisions (or make proposals for decisions) on the development of transport systems in general and of the railways in particular, with full knowledge of the facts. In view of this, six different sessions are being proposed, focusing on the following topics:

  • Session 1: Main principles. Commuter and Regional Systems around the world. Intermodality
  • Session 2: Stations and accessibility
  • Session 3: Fundamental values
  • Session 4: Financing
  • Session 5: Legal framework
  • Session 6: Tendering

The aim of the training programme is to examine all the constituent elements, as well as the different types of Commuter and Regional Train System (CRTS) and to measure their impact impartially and objectively from political, social and economic standpoints.

Together UIC and TRENITALIA want to provide a response to these needs, and will co-organise a three-day training programme in which all these aspects will be studied. During the six different sessions, they will try to provide information and useful knowledge about all the different aspects of Commuter and Regional Train Systems. The speakers are experts in the subjects addressed and are drawn mainly from the railways. They represent all countries, all world regions and all the main railway undertakings with experience in the field of Commuter and Regional Train Systems.

For further information please contact Luis Casado Presa: casado@uic.org


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