Tuesday 6 September 2016
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USA: Six months of construction, change and progress for California High-Speed Rail – it’s happening!

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In the first half of 2016, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) has met numerous milestones as part of the monumental effort to develop the nation’s first high-speed rail program. Continuous activity through the first six months of this year includes new construction, geotechnical work, adoption of a pivotal business plan, and extensive public engagement in the environmental planning process.

Since January, the Authority has constructed a new Tuolumne Street Bridge in Fresno, held numerous public meetings in Southern and Northern California as well as started geotechnical sampling in the Angeles National Forest. All of which continue the forward momentum of high-speed rail, an essential transportation resource for California’s future success.

To demonstrate the six months of rapid change, ongoing construction, and progress, the Authority has released a new video - 6 Months of Progress on High-Speed Rail. A lot can happen in six months. The new 6-months of progress video highlights major accomplishments achieved in construction, litigation, outreach, and the major changes made in the 2016 Business Plan, which outlines the path forward for Silicon Valley to Central Valley service. When people see just how much has changed since January, they will know “High-speed rail – it’s happening!”

The new video is available at: https://www.youtube.com/user/CAHighSpeedRail or http://hsr.ca.gov/

(Source: CHSRA)

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