Tuesday 4 October 2016
Sustainable Development

13th UIC Sustainability Conference to be held in Vienna from 12 – 14 October 2016

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The 13th UIC Sustainability Conference, jointly organised by the International Union of Railways (UIC) and Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB, will take place in exactly one week in Vienna at the famous Hofburg International Congress and Event Centre on 12, 13 & 14 October 2016.

This programme will examine both the contribution that rail can make towards delivering the 2030 sustainable development agenda and also how sustainability can give rail a competitive advantage. The latest programme is enclosed, please consult http://uic-environment.org/ for updates.

Strategy day

The first day will be composed of three main sessions:

I - The Global 2030 Agenda & COP21 Paris Agreement
II - Rail and sustainable development in Europe: Panel Session Co-organised by CER
III - Railways delivering sustainable development goals

Technical day

The conference will include a number of dedicated workshops dressing key sustainability issues, including:

  • Carbon footprint in railways: integrated scope and innovative tools
  • Weather resilience and climate change adaptation
  • Emissions and air quality: which framework?
  • Digital communication and energy efficiency in railways: driving, metering, and billing
  • Energy efficiency projects: potential improvements for mid and long term
  • GRI G4 reporting: challenges for rail sector
  • Railway noise in the common noise assessment method CNOSSOS
  • Sustainable procurement in the rail sector: taking larger strides and leapfrogging along the sustainability path
  • Door to door business solutions
  • Sustainable and smart stations and infrastructures
  • Sustainable tourism (Toprail)
  • Biodiversity: preventing decline & benefits of effective stakeholders management
  • Environmental management for maintenance activities
  • Recyclability of rolling stocks

For more details please refer to the website http://uic-environment.org/workshops

Technical and cultural visits

The technical visit will take place in the new Rail Freight Centre South Vienna on 14 October.

Participants are also welcome to join a visit of the cultural highlights of Vienna.

Sustainability Champion

The first day of the UIC Sustainability Conference will allow UIC members to highlight recent achievements in the field railway sustainability. This session will take the form of a world tour of railways, with each given 3 minutes and one slide to describe the impact on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Contact: Marie Luz Philippe at philippe@uic.org

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