Tuesday 4 October 2016
Rail System / Conference

UIC-IMdR Day to be held on 20 October 2016 in Paris

Safety of Interconnected Industrial Systems: From a rail perspective

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Since industrial systems are now largely interconnected, the Institute for Risk Management (IMdR), for whom operational security is one of the fundamental pillars, is obliged to factor in the risk of malicious cyber attack. This first IMdR Cyber Security Day will be devoted to railways. It should provide an opportunity for exchanges with professionals from other fields and pave the way for future presentations of further work and different approaches. For performance reasons, industry is faced with the challenge of integrating new, outside technology over which it has little control, including Windows platforms, Internet systems, mobile devices and to an even greater extent, the “big data” which make our systems increasingly interlinked. Throughout industry and up to the highest echelons of government, the issue has become one of the Safety of Interconnected Industrial Systems.

In view of this, the question is how to be sure our industrial systems function properly, in terms of their safety. Moreover, the consequences of an attack on our industrial systems could be so serious that it is no longer possible to sidestep this issue and the risks it involves, including the looting of information assets, material disasters and even loss of life. In addition, how can we be sure our industrial systems will stand up to any attacks as far as their security is concerned? In an attempt to answer these questions, we will focus our attention on the issue of the synergy that appears increasingly necessary between safety and security. It appears for this that convergent complementary and interlinking measures should mutually reinforce each other, since it should be noted that a system in which only safety is mastered is not necessarily secure. Any hacker can interfere with safety management, as has been seen to be the case.

This event, organised by IMdR Working and Focus Group (WFG) n°64, will take place on UIC premises. The presentation of concrete examples which have been put into practice by UIC and SNCF will help to provide a better picture and to initiate discussions.

The working language of the seminar will be French. Please click on the following link to condult the programme:


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