Tuesday 25 October 2016
Railway Security / Research

PREDICT Workshop held on 19 October 2016 during the UIC Security Week

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This workshop focused on the introduction of the actual status of the PREDICT EU funded project on “Better understanding of cascading effects in crisis situations.”

The aim of the PREDICT project is to provide a comprehensive solution for dealing with cascading effects in multi-sectoral crisis situations covering aspects of critical infrastructures. The PREDICT solution will be composed of the following three pillars: methodologies, models and software tools. Their integrated use will increase the awareness and understanding of cascading effects by crisis response organisations, enhance their preparedness and improve their response capability to respond in case of cascading.

During this session, representatives from the PREDICT project introduced the prototype of the software, that is currently aiming to help with training and therefore reduce the impact of incidents with cascading effects, by

  • increasing the awareness and understanding of cascading effects,
  • enhancing the preparedness of critical infrastructure operators for cascading effects and by
  • improving their capabilities to respond to crisis situations.

UIC provided the data and the background information that enabled the PREDICT project to model the training scenario that was demonstrated. The comments and insights of the members collected during the demonstration will be used for the further development of PREDICT.

For further information please contact Jochen Grimmelt: grimmelt@uic.org

Or consult the PREDICT website: http://www.predict-project.eu/

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