Information published on 15 November 2016 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 523.

Czech Republic/Latvia: FISAIC modellers hold exhibition at the Museum of Latvian Railways (LDZ) in Riga

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This year, Latvia joined the International Association for Culture and Leisure of Railwaymen (FISAIC) and immediately organised an international exhibition of model railway in the representative premises of the museum belonging to the national railway undertaking in Riga (

The exhibition was held on the occasion of the 155-year anniversary of Latvian Railways.

Railwaymen from the Czech Republic, France and Germany imported a record number of 47 junior modules and created the largest model railway so far, with three stations and two loops. There were not only French, German and Spanish trains circulating, but also vehicles in the colours of the national railway carrier – Stadler and Railjet. The exhibition was a huge success among the general public and was attended daily by several hundred paying visitors on average.

The organisers from LDZ prepared an interesting programme for the exhibitors. A visit to the latest Baltic narrow gauge track with a steam engine operation and a journey by a steam train from Gulbene left a deep impression and enjoyment in railwaymen, likewise an excursion to the local depot (

Another excursion was held to a workshop in Riga, where the locomotives 2M62 and ČME3 are going through a major upgrading with the help of CZ LOKO (

On the occasion of the international exhibition of model railways, there were tanker trucks with logos of FISAIC and the individual national unions. At the meeting of the technical committee for model railway and railway heritage accompanying the event, the events and projects of the previous period were evaluated and goals have been set for the next three years.

(Source: Czech Railways)