Tuesday 15 November 2016
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Taiwan: TRA parking lot wins award for successful innovation and vitalization

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The management team at Altob Corporation, the contractor tasked with managing the Banqiao Station parking lot, has been awarded the top prize at the 14th Gold Planning Awards. This is the second time TRA has won a prize in recognition of the successful vitalization and innovation of a parking lot.

The Gold Planning Award is organized by the Taiwanese Ministry of Finance. The purpose of this award is to reward efforts made by any organisation in planning, developing and managing public construction or infrastructure. Contenders for the awards therefore come from a wide range of public and private sector bodies. The Banqiao parking lot won its award for its state-of-the-art railway design, high-tech management, and high levels of customer satisfaction.

TRA awarded Altob Corporation the contract to manage the Banqiao Station parking lot after Altob won a tender in line with the Act for the Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects. Altob applies an innovative strategy and management system, and uses improved hardware and software to provide better service. Altob’s improvements include the installation of an intelligent vehicle guidance system for parking, landscaped design and planning, a monitoring system for security, safety and fire control, and power saving and carbon reduction measures.

In selecting a contractor to manage its parking lots, TRA attaches great importance to smart, technological and humanistic elements.

(Source: TRA)

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