Information published on 22 November 2016 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 524.

Germany: New DB firm heralds new era of start-up funding

Deutsche Bahn seeks new, data-driven business models • 50 million Euro capital on offer for start-up founders • DB Accelerator to be expanded

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On 15 November, Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH opened for business. The firm is 100 % DB AG-owned.

DB Group is investing heavily in developing and delivering new, data-driven business models to harness the potential of the digital economy - including outside its core railway business - and the creation of Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH is a key plank in that plan. DB Digital Ventures will intensify collaboration with start-ups and facilitate participation in their shareholdings, with some 50 million Euro of venture capital earmarked for investment over the next two years (2017/2018).

The intention is also to foster a sharper focus on start-ups within DB and support a culture of “intrapreneurship”. Specifically, DB Digital Ventures will offer Deutsche Bahn staff an opportunity and ideal setting in which to act as start-up founders and road-test their own business ideas.

(Source: Deutsche Bahn)