Tuesday 20 December 2016

News about the RailDoc Portal

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RailDoc is the information portal implemented to improve the sharing of information and document searches on all publications produced at UIC (reports, studies, conference proceedings, etc.), as well as documents from recognised external sources (EU, World Bank, United Nations reports, members, railway press articles) in the railway sector. It aims to meet the needs of the railway community and in particular those of the members.

As a UIC member, RailDoc enables you henceforth to perform and save your own searches using a sophisticated search engine (simple or advanced search), access preconfigured searches (new acquisitions, legal documents, latest UIC publications), set up your own tracker service (create alerts), send us your document search requests.

Since the RailDoc portal was launched in July 2015, new track service topics have been added:

  • Railway noise
  • Transcontinental freight corridors
  • Magnetic levitation
  • Tilting trains
  • Railway digital strategy and applications
  • Slab track
  • Ticketing
  • Railway police
  • Airport - Rail links

Access the portal: http://raildoc.uic.org/

To access all these features please register here:


For further information please contact: doc@uic.org

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