Tuesday 7 February 2017
High Speed Rail / Training

13th Training Session on High Speed Systems to be held from 24 – 29 April 2017 in Paris

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Following the success of the previous training sessions, the 13th UIC Training Session on High Speed Systems will be held from 24 – 29 April 2017 at the UIC Headquarters in Paris.

The purpose of the five-day training programme is to look at High Speed Systems from an integrated perspective. This session will be a platform for all the participants to examine the state of the art of all the elements that make up High Speed Systems and gauge their impact impartially and objectively from a technical, economic, political and social standpoint.

The training is targeted at railway professionals already involved in any of the processes of High Speed Systems or who intend to do so in the future but it is also interesting for national, regional or local authorities, universities, advisor bodies, agencies or associations and stakeholders that could be involved in the complex process of the design, construction and implementation of a High Speed Railway line.

By attending the training the participants will:

  • Obtain a good overview on High Speed Railway systems
  • Get in-depth information on particular aspects of the system
  • Share experiences and information about the latest developments in the field

The speakers will be experienced academics and practitioners with a good knowledge of the reality of railway systems and their pragmatic needs across the world. They will provide participants with state of the art practices, innovative solutions and a challenging discussion on the future of railway infrastructure management.

For further information please contact Ignacio Barrón de Angoiti barron@uic.org, Vanessa Perez perez@uic.org or Beatriz Perrot perrot@uic.org

Or consult the programme: http://events.uic.org/13th-training-on-high-speed-systems-level-i

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